Chittagong Series: Top 7 Reasons to Buy an Apartment in South Khulshi

Often cited as the Dhanmondi of Chittagong, Khulshi holds a special status in the real estate landscape. The area features one of the most secure and prestigious neighborhoods in Chittagong. Even owning a flat in South Khulshi is often considered an accomplishment.
However, South Khulshi is more than just a mere status symbol. This blog will explore the top seven reasons why you should buy an apartmentin South Khulshi.

1. Accessibility
South Khulshi Residential Area has wide roads connecting it to major transit routes in the city with multiple entry points. The presence of three major bus stoppages, including Holy Crescent Bus Stop, Garibullah Shah Bus Stop, and GEC Circle Bus Stop, makes it easy for anyone to commute to and navigate in Khulshi. Furthermore, Nasirabad, Chawkbazaar, Lalkhan Bazar, and other significant areas of Chittagong are also within a three-kilometer radius of South Khulshi.

2. Quiet and Serene Neighborhood
If you are looking for a location that will allow you to get all of the city’s actions while living in a peaceful setting, South Khulshi is just the place for you. The surrounding grove and hilly areas make up for a beautiful landscape in the middle of the city. Rest assured, no unwarranted honks will wake you up in the middle of the night.

3. Educational Institutions
An average Chatgaiya spends 80 minutes every day for daily commutes. So, having your home near your children’s school or college saves a lot of time and energy. Even if you do not have children, proximity to educational institutions is an excellent reselling value. In this regard, South Khulshi is a prime location for educational institutions such as Khulshi Public School and College, Radiant School and College, American School Chattogram,Chattogram Government School and College, Chittagong Government Girls’ High School, Ispahani Public School and College, William Carey Academy, and so on

4. Hospitals and Medical Facilities
South Khulshi also offers a wide range of options for medical facilities within walking distance. Holy Crescent Hospital, Lions General Hospital, Chattogram Diabetic General Hospital, and Imperial Hospital Emergency are some of the major hospitals in the South Khulshi area. Moreover, you can also find a handful of small clinics and pharmacies with a quick Google Maps search.

5. Recreational Activities
Weekend getaways such as Foy’s Lake, Chattogram Zoo, or War Cemetery are only 20-minute rides from South Khulshi. On work nights, you can hang out with your family and friends at Sugar Bun, Tava Lounge, Westin, Handi or any place suited to your cravings
because Khulshi has it all. Moreover, popular shopping destinations such as Sanmar Ocean City, Khulshi Mart, Concord Khulshi Town Center, and Khulshi Town Center are also close enough to cater to your shopping needs.

6. Less Risk of Water Clogging
Most areas in Chittagong get submerged underwater even after a light rain. South Khulshi, on the other hand, stands on a higher ground than surrounding areas and hence is not prone to water clogging during the rainy season. Therefore, owning an apartment in
Southis South Khulshi is as comfortable as it gets.

7. High Rent and Reselling Value
Sometimes you may have to change your residence, your city, or even your country for unforeseen circumstances. In that case, if you ever wish to rent your house or resell it, your property at South Khulshi is likely to become a very handsome investment for the future.

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