Chittagong Series 2 : Top 6 Reasons to Buy an Apartment in Chawkbazar Chittagong.

Chittagong Series: Top 6 Reasons to Buy an Apartment in Chawkbazar Chittagong

Owning an apartment in Dhaka and living the rest of your life with your family in merriment — we understand the Bangladeshi dream more than anyone because we work to make it a reality.

However, the more years pass by, the more crowded Dhaka becomes. People are thus resorting to Chittagong. Hence, there is a huge demand for apartments in Chittagong and an equally significant number of apartments for sale.

But where should you buy your apartment in Chittagong? As we said in our last blog , location is the gold standard in the real estate landscape. Therefore, you need to evaluate many factors before finally deciding to settle down.

This blog will explore Chawkbazar,  a prime location in Chittagong, and highlight why buying an apartment in Chawkbazar is a smart investment for the future.

Why You Should Buy an Apartment in Chawkbazar

1. The Education Hub of Chittagong

You will never have to worry about your children’s education if you own an apartment in Chawkbazar. The location is bustling with every type and level of educational institutions. However, Chawkbazar is particularly famous for its quality English medium schools such as Mastermind International School, Little Jewels School, and Premier English School. And how can we forget Chittagong Medical College in Chawkbazar?

Apart from standardized educational institutions, Chawkbazar also offers some of the best coaching centers in Chittagong, including Udvash Chittagong, Retina Medical Coaching, Scholars’ Coaching, Career Cadet Coaching, etc.

2. Healthcare at its Finest

Proximity to healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and hospitals should be a prime concern when looking to buy an apartment in Chittagong, and Chawkbazar will not disappoint you. We already mentioned Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Moreover, you will find People’s Hospital Ltd, Epic Health Care, Surgiscope Private Limited, Childcare Hospital, and many more reputed healthcare institutions within a two-kilometer radius of Chawkbazar.

3. Parks and Open Spaces for Breathing

You will find plenty of open spaces in and near Chawkbazar, where you can walk in the morning. United Nations Park, War Cemetery, and CMC Playground — all of them are a short walk away from Chawkbazar.  You can also take your family and children or friends to Shib Mandir Pond in the afternoon for a quick getaway from all the city hustles.

4. Recreational Facilities in Chawkbazar

If you are a fan of Mezban, Chawkbazar has the right restaurant for you, Mezzan Haile Ayun. There are also diverse restaurants with varieties of cuisine where you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

As for your shopping needs, the location hosts many famous malls and markets, including Chawkview Market, Keary Elysium Shopping Complex, and so on.

5. Easy Commute to Other Areas

A quick look at the map shows that Chawkbazar is almost at the center of Chittagong. Therefore, every other prominent location falls easily within its three-kilometer radius.

As we mentioned, Chawkbazar also has every civic facility you can wish for —schools, hospitals, parks, recreational facilities, and so on. Therefore, most of the time, you won’t need to move outside Chawkbazar. Even if you do, the Chawkbazar Bus Stop on Chatteshwari Road, a part of the city’s central transit routes, makes it easy for you to commute anywhere anytime.

6. High Rent and Reselling Value

While investing in a real estate property, it is customary to check if the value of properties in the location will appreciate in the future or not. However, you don’t need to worry before buying an apartment in Chawkbazar because it is a prime location and situated in the city center. Even if you change your residence in the future, you can rent or sell your apartment at a lucrative price. Therefore, we believe that your buying an apartment in Chawkbazar Chittagong is undoubtedly a wise investment decision.

Are you Looking to Buy an Apartment in Chawkbazar Chittagong?

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