5 Factors to Consider while Selecting the Perfect Location for your Apartment in Chattogram.

You are looking to buy an apartment in Chattogram. You have browsed through countless apartments for sale on the internet and talked to numerous real estate developers in Bangladesh. Now you are at the end of your wits and looking for reliable information. If that person is you, then this blog is for you.

“Location, location, location” is a common mantra we use in real estate. But what does it mean for you, homebuyers?

You can have the loveliest apartmentin Chattogram. But the apartment is only as good as its location. The right location can make or break your home’s value. Therefore, you must carefully select the perfect location for your home because the best areas will fetch the most lucrative profit in the future.

So here are the five most important factors to consider before you buy an apartment in Chattogram.

1. Price Range
Price is the first and foremost factor for buying a house anywhere. So, make a chart of the average prices in a particular area. Then determine how much money you are willing to spend on your new apartment in Chattogram. Finally, ask yourself if you will be
comfortable after spending that amount of money.

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2. Centrality
Land is a finite resource everywhere. Hence, only a handful of people get to live in the center of the city. That’s why a property close to a city is more expensive for obvious reasons such as convenience and proximity.

However, bear in mind that the cities do expand. Therefore, ideally, you would want to buy an apartment close enough to the center so that essential civic facilities such as schools, shopping centers, and hospitals are at arm’s reach. However, you should also avoid places that are too close such that they are always noisy and cumbersome.

In this regard, we suggest you buy apartments in Nasirabad, South Khulshi, Chawkbazar, or other surrounding locations. Living in these places will allow you to get all of the city’s actions while leading a peaceful life.

3. Neighborhood
How good a neighborhood is subject to personal choices, but the best neighborhoods will always have the three A’s — Accessibility, Appearance, and Amenities.

a. Accessibility: Look for neighborhoods with roads connected to the city’s major
transit routes and can be easily navigated. An average Chatgaiya spends 80 minutes on average for daily commutes every day. Therefore, you would naturally want the roads leading to your home wide, clean, and not full of potholes. Moreover, you
should also look for more than one point of entry leading to the location.
b. Appearance: A neighborhood that looks good feels good as well. Ideally, your desired location should host a lot of trees, spacious landscapes, and organized community spaces.
c. Amenities: Finally, a good neighborhood should also include quality grocery stores, super shops, restaurants, parks, schools, etc. Remember, the less you have to get out of your space, the better your neighborhood is.

4. Future Development
A wise homebuyer would evaluate not only the present amenities but also the future ones. Approval of infrastructure as simple as a bridge can cause a location’s prices to soar overnight. Look at areas on both sides of Padma Bridge, for instance. Land prices have doubled since the first mandate of the bridge. Or who knew a decade ago that Uttara and Bashundhara would grow up to become the real estate powerhouse as it is now. Therefore, it is necessary to predict commercial and infrastructural development and
assess how the development would affect the value of your desired location. For instance, areas such as GEC Circle, and Muradpur and Percival Hill are already under our radar and are likely to become standard residential areas. All the projects of Epic properties Ltd

5. Crime Rates
How do we define a safe location? A place where you can take late-night strolls and your children can play in the afternoon without any worries because home should be where you feel safe. So, talk to locales or look into a location’s crime rates before buying a house there. It should be populated enough to make you feel safe but not so much as to limit your personal spaces. The buildings should not feel cramped together. Finally, the place should also have wide streets with a clear view from all ends.

Now that you have done your research and are ready to buy an apartment in Chattogram, the nextstep isto choose a reputable real estate agent who can help you make the best choices. With Epic and its 18 years of experience, you can never go wrong.

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5 Factors to Consider while Selecting the Perfect Location for your Apartment in Chattogram

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1. Price Range
Do you have the budget to buy a house in your desired area?
2. Centrality
Is the location close to city hustles?
3. Neighborhood
Does your neighborhood have the three A’s — Accessibility, Appearance, and Amenities?
4. Future Development
What does the future look like for the location after 5-10 years?
5. Crime Rates
Can you take late-night strolls without any worries?

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